MGI & Associates

We Are a Brokerage/Relators Arm with an Investor's Mindset
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 Mavicon Global Investors (MGI) & Associates is the official brokerage arm of Mavicon Investment with hundreds of members both locally and globally. We are aimed at equipping our members to freely express themselves in the Real Estate Space as well as transforming them from Realtors to Investors with the right mindset and amazing opportunities.


Real Estate Advisory

We Understand Buying a property involving lots of factors that needs to be carefully considered. With an in-depth working knowledge of the Real Estate industry of our members, we provide practical, objective and strategic advice in helping you invest rightly. Because we believe it is one thing to invest, It is another thing to invest the right way!

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

 With our in-depth knowledge for the real estate market, We Offer the best investment opportunities the easiest way possible and at the lowest risk. Our vision is to create Global investors and with this, we continually seek for the best and safest investment opportunities both locally and globally.

Property Management

We are responsible for the overall management of assigned residential, industrial or commercial properties to satisfy the requirements of the ownership and our clients, to preserve and increase the value and integrity of the properties and to meet the financial objectives of the ownership and management.

Real Estate Sales and Marketing

We have a highly trained Sales and marketing team that are Result-Orientated. We employ the use of technology to effectively and aggressively market properties. With us, Selling properties become a No Brainer!